AKTive MediaAKTive Media is an o ntology tology based
cross- media annota tion (Images and Text) system. It
suppor ts a broad range of image types. Its goal
is to automa te the process of annota tion by sugges
ting knowle dge to the user in an intera ctive way during
annota tion to minimi ze effort.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:11/18/ 2007Update d:URL:http:/ /www.dcs.she k/~ajay/html/cresearch.html y/html/cresearch.html /cresearch.html arch.html
tmlAnnotea An annota tion framew ork for browser pages
(plug- in); Annotea enhanc es collab oration n via
shared metada ta based Web annota tions, bookma rks, and
their combin ationsCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:Multip leFOSS?:YesListed:1/4/20 07Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ / 2001/Annotea/ nnotea/ /
Annozi lla The Annozi lla project has been establ ished
to create a Web annota tion tool for Mozilla
Web browse rs such as FirefoxCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaSc riptFOSS?:YesListed:1/9/20 07Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /annozilla.m org/installation/ stallation/ tion/
Apolda Apolda (Autom ated Proces sing of o ntologi
tologies es with Lexical Denota tions for Annota tion)
is a plugin (proce ssing resour ce) for GATE (http:
// /). The Apolda proces sing resour ce (PR) annota
tes a docume nt like a gazett eer, but takes the terms
from an (OWL) o ntology tology rather than
from a list.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:11/18/ 2007Update d:URL:http:/ /apolda.sour
BibSon omy BibSon omy is a Web-ba sed social resour
ce sharing system that allows users to organi ze
and share bookma rks and public ations collab oratively ely
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:UnknownFOSS?:YesListed:01/19/2 007Update d:URL:http:/ /www.bibsono /group/ckc2007 /ckc2007 07
Callis to The Callis to annota tion tool was develo
ped to support lingui stic annota tion of textual
sources for any Unicod e-supported orted langua ge with annota
tion support from jATLASCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ /callisto.mi g/
Clipma rks Clipma rks lets you clip and tag pieces
of web pages, viewed through the Clipma rks Web
siteCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaSc riptFOSS?:YesListed:1/9/20 07Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ /clipmarks.c om/COHSE - Concep tual Open Hyperm edia Servic
es Enviro nment COHSE resear ches methods to improve signif icantly
y the qualit y, consis tency and breadth of
linking of WWW docume nts at retrie val and author
ing time.ACatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ / uk/
D3E - Digital Docume nt Discou rse Enviro
nment D3E enables the easy conver sion of websit
es or struct ured docume nts into intera ctive
discus sion sitesACatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:Multip leFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /d3e.sourcef et/
DBin DBin brings the Semant ic Web to the
end users. By joining P2P groups and commun ities,
users can annota te any topic or subject of intere
st and enjoy browsi ng and editing in a semant ically
rich enviro nment.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /www.dbin.or g/DOSE DOSE is a distri buted platfo rm for
semant ic elabor ation that provid es semant ic
servic es such as automa tic annota tion of web
resour ces at the docume nt substr ucture level, semant ic
search facili ties, semant ic annota tion storage and retrie val
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:https: //sourceforg projects/dose ts/dose e
ED (Entity Descri ber) ED is the Entity Descri ber, a mashup
of the Connot ea social tagging system, an index
of semant ic web-ac cessible le contro lled vocabu laries,
, and a new public RDF databa se for storing social
semant ic annota tions. It can be applied to other contro lled
vocabu laries, , other social tagging sites and
is based o n Grease monkey scripts in Firefo
x.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaSc riptFOSS?:YesListed:11/18/ 2007Update d:URL:http:/ /www.connote wiki/EntityDescriber ntityDescriber escriber er
eServi ces The e-Serv ices framew ork provid es advanc
ed schola rly servic es (in partic ular visual
isations) ns) using distri buted metada ta.
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:PerlFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /opcit.eprin /eservices/ ices/
hypKNO Wsys hypKNO Wsys aims at develo ping a Java-b
ased workbe nch for knowle dge discov ery and
knowle dge manage ment. Curren tly, hypKNO Wsys has releas
ed three interm ediate tools: DIAsDEM Workbe nch (text mining for
semant ic taggin g) and WUMprep (Web mining pre-pr ocessing), ng), and
the Web Utiliz ation Miner (WUM), an integr
ated mining enviro nment for log file prepar ation,
basic report ing, discov ery of sequen tial patter ns
and visual ization nCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:11/18/ 2007URL:http:/ /www.hypknow g/
Kraken Kraken is an applic ation for managi ng
knowle dge object s, which can be docume nts,
remote or locally cached Web pages, person al inform ation,
todo list items, appoin tments, , and so o n. .
It is especi ally useful for resear chers or studen ts to
manage their inform ation. Users can annota te
these knowle dge objects with metada ta, perform complex
querie s, and present the results as HTML pages. Kraken
uses RDF as its native format, allowi ng its data to
be easily read by extern al applic ations
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:PythonFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /www.cs.ucf. edu/~lboloni/Programming boloni/Programming/KrakenWeb/i /Programming/KrakenWeb/index.html amming/KrakenWeb/index.html /KrakenWeb/index.html
nWeb/index.html ndex.html tmlMelita Melita is a semi-a utomatic ic annota tion
tool using an Adapti ve Inform ation Extrac tion
engine (Amilc are) to support the user in docume nt
annota tion.ACatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /www.aktors. org/technologies/melita/ chnologies/melita/ gies/melita/ elita/
MindRa ider MindRa ider is Semant ic Web outlin er.
It aims to connect the tradit ion of outline
editors with emergi ng techno logies. . MindRa ider mission
is to organi ze not o nly ly the content of
your hard drive but also your cognit ive base and social relati
onships s in a way that enables quick
naviga tion, concise repres entation on and infere ncing
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /mindraider. aider.sourceforge. net/index.html dex.html ml
MnM MnM is an annota tion tool which provid
es both automa ted and semi-a utomated ed support
for annota ting web pages with semant ic conten ts.
MnM integr ates a web browser with an o ntology tology
editor and provid es open APIs to link to o ntology tology
servers and for integr ating inform ation extrac
tion toolCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ / .uk/projects/akt/MnM/ ojects/akt/MnM/ /akt/MnM/ nM/
OntoMat Annoti zer OntoMa t-Annotizer tizer is a user-f riendly y
intera ctive webpage annota tion tool. It suppor ts
the user with the task of creati ng and mainta
ining o ntology tology-based -based OWL-ma rkups
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:9/22/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /annotation. ation.semanticweb. org/ontomat tomat
PhotoS tuff PhotoS tuff is a toolkit that provid es
users the ability to annota te regions of images
with respect to an o ntology tology and publish the
automa tically y genera ted metada ta to the Web.
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:3/11/2 007Update d:URL:http:/ /www.mindswa 2003/PhotoStuff/ hotoStuff/ uff/
SAWSDL Editor SAWSDL (Seman tic Annota tions for WSDL) editor
for adding semant ic annota tions to WSDL docume
nts; it is an Eclipse plugin usable with WMSO Studio
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:01/19/2 007Update d:URL:http:/ /www.wsmostu g/
Semant ic Tools for Web Servic es Semant ic Tools for Web Servic es is
a set of Eclipse plug-i ns that allow develo
pers to insert semant ic annota tions into a WSDL
docume nt to descri be the semant ics of the input,
output, precon ditions, s, and effects of service operat ions. A second
plug-in matches the descri ption of the service
or compos ition of servic es to that for
which a develo per is search ing. This techno logy
is part of the Emergi ng Techno logies Toolkit (ETTK)
Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ /www.alphawo tech/wssem?open&S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CM ssem?open&S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr- pen&S_TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-lnxd01awwsse
TACT=105AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-lnxd01awwssem 05AGX59&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-lnxd01awwssem 9&S_CMP=GR&ca=dgr-lnxd01awwssem P=GR&ca=dgr-lnxd01awwssem a=dgr-lnxd01awwssem lnxd01awwssem awwssem m
Semant icWord Semant icWord is an enviro nment based in
MS Word that integr ates content and markup author
ing, provid ing custom izable tools that allow semant ic
annota tions, custom izable templa tes, and automa tic inform ation
extrac tion and refine ment. Besides MS Word, requir es the commme
rcial JNBrid geCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:OtherFOSS?:YesListed:2/01/20 07Update d:URL:http:/ /mr.teknowle m/daml/SemanticWord/SemanticWo /SemanticWord/SemanticWord.htm ticWord/SemanticWord.htm d/SemanticWord.htm
nticWord.htm rd.htmSHAME (Stand ardized d Hyper Adapti ble Metada
ta Editor) SHAME is a metada ta editing and presen
tation framew ork for RDF metada ta. Annota tion
profil es are then used to genera te user interf
aces for either editin g, presen tation or queryi ng purpos
es. The user interf ace may be realiz ed in a web
setting (both a jsp and veloci ty version
exists) or in a stand alone applic ation (a
java/s wing version exists)Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:3/11/2 007URL:http:/ /kmr.nada.kt hame/wiki iki
VUE The Visual Unders tanding g Enviro nment (VUE)
is an inform ation manage ment applic ation that
provid es an intera ctive, concept mapping interf ace to
digital filesCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:JavaFOSS?:YesListed:3/11/2 007Update d:URL:http:/ /vue.uit.tuf /index.cfm .cfm
Web2x Publis hing Web2x Publis hing is an easy-t o-use semant
ic publis hing tool for sharing data o n
the web includ ing the emergi ng semant ic web
layer (i.e. Web2). It is based o n the popular WordPr
ess bloggi ng softwa re. Using Web2x Publis hing, users can publish
experi ment data and web site conten ts
in both semant ic format (e.g. RDF) and HTML
format at the same time.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:PHPFOSS?:YesListed:2/01/20 07Update d:URL:http:/ /web2express .org/openlab/web2x-publi penlab/web2x-publishing-softwa /web2x-publishing-software/ -publishing-software/ shing-software/
software/ re/WGFA WGFA (Web Gateway for Fact Assess ment) is
a web applic ation to create and manage W3C-OWL
based o ntologi tologies, es, index websit es, extract XML-RDF
or Dublin -Core metada ta and provide search and query operat
ions o n the websit es based o n the created semant
ic websCatego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:PHPFOSS?:YesListed:10/4/2 006Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ /wgfa.source net/
XMP A labeli ng techno logy from Adobe that
enables data about a file to be embedd ed
as metada ta into the file itself.Catego ry:Annota torPrimary Langua ge:OtherFOSS?:YesListed:8/12/2 006Update d:1/22/2 007URL:http:/ /www.adobe.c om/products/xmp/main.htm ducts/xmp/main.html xmp/main.html in.html l

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